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Why Kingopt

KINGOPT OPTICS is the comprehensive production base of precision optical lens elements and binoculars & rifle scope.  Products cover precision optical component (precision lens), outdoor sport optics binocular & Rifle scope items. 

In 2010 Kingopt optics was established and engaged in precision optics products exporting.

In 2011 Kingopt established Nanyang Kingopt optical & electronics Co.ltd factory to produce optical prisms & optical lens.

In 2012 Kingopt worked with well-known brand from Japan and built binoculars production lines.

In 2015 Kingopt worked with high-end projectors manufacturer from Europe and became their largest supplier of optical lens elements.

In 2017 Kingopt started to construct new factory building and office building.

In 2017 Kingopt established new factory Nanyang Kingopt optical instrument co.ltd.

In 2020 New factory building and office building was put into use.

In 2020 Kingopt optics acquired new ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. 

Our goal :Establish “Kingopt”brand enterprise and become the best optics company in CHINA.





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