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Corner Cube Prisms

Corner Cube Prismor Retroreflections have the property that any ray entering will be reflected back to itself, regardless of 

the entrance angle:


Material:N-BK7 Grade A Optical Glass

Dimension tolerance:+0.0/-0.2

Beam deviation:+0.0/-0.2

Flatness:<λ/10 at reflection surface

Surface quality:60-40 scratch-dig

Clear aperture:>90%


Custom Coatings

Dove prisms

The dove prism is also called image rotator.The Prism rotates the image without chaning the direction of the input beam,<br/>

wich is parallelto hypotenuse.Rotation of the prism in relation to the subject causes double rotations of the image.Dove prisms 

should be used in the parrllelbeam.


Material:N-BK7 and the other materials

Dimension telerance:+0.0/-0.05

Deviation:±10 arc sec

Surface quality:20-10 scratch-dig

Clear aperture:>80% 



Custom Coatings

Penta Prism

There are two important properties in pentaprisms. The first one is that the image is neither inverted nor reversed as it is deviated

 by 90 degrees. Secondly, the pentaprism is a constant deviation prism, meaning that the same exact 90degree deviation applies to 

all rays transmitted by the useful aperture, regardless of the angles between these rays and the optical axis. 

They are often used in range finding, surveying, alignment and cinephotography.
MaterialAll kinds of high quality optical glass, N-BK7, N-BAK4. etc
Monthly Capacity50,000 pcs


Custom Coatings

Right angle prism

We offer these prisms uncoated or with five different coating options, namely:

  • Broadband Multilayer Anti-Reflection coating on legs
  • Protected Aluminum on hypotenuse and Broadband Multilayer Anti-Reflection on legs
  • Protected Aluminum on hypotenuse
  • Protected Aluminum on legs
  • Broadband Multilayer Anti-Reflection coating on hypotenuse
    These are some of the most versatile prisms available. They can be used as internal or external reflectors or as retro-reflectors according to the orientation of the prism with respect to the incoming light. An uncoated prism will act as a mirror for light incident on one of the short sides (legs) since incident light Is totally internally reflected at the hypotenuse. (TIR occurs when the angle of incidence is greater than the critical angle which for the glass-air interface occurs at 41.2 degrees). Even though uncoated prisms work well their useful full field of view is limited to 10 or 12 degrees in the visible. It is recommended that appropriate coatings be added to optimize the range of prism uses. The Broadband Multilayer Anti-Reflection coating will withstand high power laser use, while the Protected Aluminum coating is evaporated aluminum overcoated with a layer of MgF2 to protect it from scratches and abrasions.



Custom Coatings

Porro prisms


Dimension tolerance:±0.03~0.1

Angle tolerance3'~5'





Materials: H-K9, H-BAK7, the kinds of high quality optical glass.

L= 10mm~40mm,


Custom Coatings

Roof prisms

The roof or Amici prism deviates or deflects the image through an angle of 90 degrees. It is a right-angle prism whose hypotenuse has been replaced by a 90-degree TIR roof. Glass that does not contribute to the clear aperture has been trimmed away to reduce
size and weight.

  • Roof prisms are suitable for applications that demand both right-angle deflection and image erection (a combination left-to-right angle deflection and top-to-bottom inversion, equivalent to a 180 degree rotation about the optical axis).
  • These are normally uncoated for use in TIR mode.
  • Protected aluminum or internal silver coatings may be specified for roof surfaces when used in wide field applications beyond TIR limits.
  • Antireflection coated entrance and exit faces are also available. 

Custom Coatings

Half pentagonal prisms


Dimension tolerance:±0.03~0.15

Angle tolerance:3'~5'




Irregularity: 0.2~0.5

Materials: H-K9, H-BAK7, the kinds of high quality optical glass.
L= 10mm~60mm

Custom Coatings

Solar rod

CPV technology combines its proprietary high-concentration, compound-reflective optical design with the record-setting efficiency 

of multi-junction solar cells. Each system incorporates power units comprised of primary and secondary mirrors, a non-imaging optical element and a triplejunction solar cell. The primary and secondary mirrors focus the suns energy500 times

onto the optical rod, which guides the light onto the high-efficiency solar cell that is more than twice as efficient as the average silicon cell.


Dimension tolerance:±0.050.15mm

Angle tolerance:±5′~10


Surface Quality:60/4040/20




Custom Coatings

Prism Coating