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Large, medium, small optical lens; single-side, double-side lens; platform lens

Small spherical lens which diameter is between 0.5mm and 15mm, the output reached 600,000pcs per month.
Medium spherical lens which diameter is between 15mm and 45mm, the output reached 500,000pcs per month.
Large spherical lens which diameter is between45mm and 320mm, the output reached 300,000pcs per month.


Custom Coatings

strange shape lens

The aspherical condenser lenses are made by pressing, mainly used for condensering products, such as slide projectors, projector, stage lighting, disco lighting, high grade carlamp, The annual production is 120 thousand(main material is B270/tempaxpyrex)


Custom Coatings

High precision,medium and big maganifier lens

High-grade magnifier (circle, square, sub mother's mirror, whenzhen etc), its diameter is between 1 inch and 5 inch; the annual production is 600 thousand.


Custom Coatings

Asphercial lenses

Aspherical lens 

Manufacturing range: φ5~φ250mm

Materials: all kinds of optical glass and infrared materials (silicon germanium, crystal, etc.) 

Surface accuracy: PV<0.3μm

Surface quality: 20/10-40/20(MIL-0-13830A) 

               20/10-40/20(MIL-0-galloy thyperin 13830A)

Production capacity: 2000pcs per month 


Custom Coatings

Optical coating